Demand Planning
Demand Planning

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Demand Planning Solutions do one thing: help you produce goods more efficiently. We don't stop at the traditional supply chain. We enable companies like yours to build online ecosystems – social environments – where you can share expertise and information with your stakeholders to keep inventory moving forward.

This social supply chain helps you to drive down costs, improve productivity and increase cash flow. As a result, you can react more quickly to changes in your market and take on new competitors from a position of strength.

If you're running a small operation, we can help you grow larger. If you're managing a major enterprise, we'll give you the tools to get even stronger.

Since 1985, our partner Demand Solutions has been providing software for the full spectrum of supply chain management inventory planning, sales & operations planning (S&OP), demand planning and forecasting, collaboration, inventory optimization and replenishment, advanced planning & scheduling and retail planning.

Our products are easy to implement, easy to use and deliver fast ROI.

Demand Solutions 

Demand Planning

Forecast Management

Go Beyond Spreadsheets for Demand Planning Success

Requirements planning

Address Your Inventory Challenges with a Flexible Solution

Sales & Operations Planning

Integrate Your Process to Drive Production and Sales

Retail Planning

Restock Intelligently with VMI and POS Data


Supply Chain Collaboration: Enable Greater Visibility with CPFR

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Meet Customer Needs at a Lower Cost