Project Management

The design, planning, implementation, monitoring and completion on time are important phases within the life cycle of each project. The APTUS professionals are able to wisely organize each step leading to the success of the entire project, which means falling within the allocated budget and the agreed contractual term, and ensuring the result compliance with the customer's requirements.

Some of the main tasks of the project managers are:

  • The assignment of an optimum number of professionals, in order to accomplish the specific activities, on time and under the best circumstances
  • The proposal definition and accomplishment, related to the project success
  • Assuming the entire implementation responsibility, based on entering into a consulting contract
  • Providing the support necessary for the work performance
  • The immediate settlement of any application non-compliance
  • The observance of execution and commissioning terms
  • The supervision of project implementation, regardless of complexity
  • Providing several training sessions, for knowing and understanding the system
  • Providing the access to the latest news in the field